Here i have posted some of my videos in computer vision, hope it will be useful for the beginners,

Skin color detection

Corner detection in facial image

Face emotion detection

Image viewer using OPTIC FLOW


  1. Hi, we doing some project with opencv based on skin detection, we are impresed with your achivemants in the field by your demontration. We would like to use it in our project (or get tips from you). Thank you. Roi and Vanya

  2. Hi!... the code i used in the demo is done using any how there is no possibility of using emgucv syntax in Ur opencv project, it wont support... but u could do it in opencv itself... same procedure as i explained in my video but different syntax.... color range may differ.... hope this might help U :)

  3. Hello Sudarshan,

    I am in urgent need of this code.

    Please give me your contact details or contact me at


  4. Hello Sudarshan ji,
    I am working on the project Facial emotion recognition. I have detected the human face successfully, but now I have problem how to extracted the emotion on human face.
    I am hopeful for your kind help.

  5. hello Rita,
    After u detect the face, get the region of mouth, eyes as region of interest(ROI)... apply corner detection algorithm for that ROI region. Get the corners as features and try to detect the emotion accordingly
    Hope this might help U :)

  6. Hello Sudharshan

    I'm working on human hand detection. For this I have used different skin color but didn't achieve so good till now. Please help how to detect human palm in grayscale mode using emgucv. Please mail me for this on

  7. hi!
    Using skin color for detecting human palm is difficult, because u need to identify the hand first, then u need to consider the ROI (Region Of Interest) as your palm. I would advice u to use some training set for detecting hand first and then get the palm region using some scaling method.

    Hope this would help u :)

  8. Greetings. I'm interested in buying your source code, how could contact?. Thank you. It is urgent!

  9. hi.................can u mail u r face emotion source code...............for academic purpose

  10. hi...We can help you to take your work to big success. You may email at

    Rajagopal/ Technical Evangelist

  11. hi sudarshan...i'm doing my project based on emotion detection..can u send me your source code to help me

  12. Hi Sudarshan
    I am a researcher working in the same area of "facial expression recognition system". Could y plz send me the source code of your recognition system to help me in my work?
    plz help me
    best regards

  13. Hello can you give code of skin detection? i want to use it in my final year project.
    Thank you

  14. hi can you send me the code for the emotion detector im very in need of that for my thesis so I can finally graduate.

  15. Hi Sudarshan,

    I need face emotion detection source code for my thesis.. If you help me I'll be happy.. Thanks... /

  16. hi.. i'm doing an image processing project for my undergrad research. i'm really thankful if u can share the source code for skin detection. thanx :)

  17. Hi, I am a student from a University an I am developing a project that detects an emotion using camera same as yours and will generate playlist of music based from the detected emotion.

    Can you email me the source code of the emotion detection? I would really appreciate that if you do.